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84ft/24.00m Gaff Ketch 1897 by Paine & Sons

You might think it is a little exaggerated to talk about a love affair when referring to a relationship between a human being and a boat, but there are many cases our days in which this relationship is an example of a real passion.
The restoration of Javelin is one of these.
Mr. Arthur Edward Payne, called “the little Payne”, was the owner of the shipyard of the same name in Northham.

From the early years of the nineteenth century, he, together with his father, built fast boats.Mr. Payne was also well known and appreciated as one of the three best designers of the epoch together with William Fife and G.L.Watson, the father of “Britannia”.
Many of his boats were already famous then and are still operational today:
Willow Wren a gaff ketch of 1886 built along the lines of a fast pilot cutter for Lord Philip Patmore for the purpose of patrolling and hunting down smugglers, at the service of the Queen.
Cariad a gaff ketch of over 100 feet built for Lord Dunraven in 1896. In 1898, she took part in the Vasco de Gama regatta from Lisbon to India and won it.
Artemis a splendid gaff yawl designed along the lines of boats that are more familiar to us….a great winner of regattas especially in Germany.

The "little payne" was an excellent designer, but was evidently not so successful in business: his shipyard which, in 1890, had become “Summers&Payne”, was, in the early 1900’s, taken over, together with all its workers, by Camper&Nicholson and ceased to exist.

Javelin was designed in 1896, launched in 1897 and the information taken from the Lloyds, Royal Yacht Squadron and Royal Corinthian Y.C. archives states:“ the woodden sailing ketch Javelin was included in the Lloyd’s Register of Yachts 1898/99 edition.
She was built by Payne&Sons, Southampton (later Summer&Payne Limited) and designed by A.E.Payne.
She was completed in 1897 and registered in Southampton. Her length: 63.5’ , breadth: 14.3’ and depth: 9.8’.
Her sails were made by Ratsey&Lapthorne in 1897.
At the turn of the century her registered owner was:
E.R.T. Croxall of Manor Aldridge, Staffordshire who also owned the 9 ton Shulah.
With Javelin, Mr. E.R.T. Croxall won the second price at the ocean race from Cowes to Waymouth.
In 1905, she was registered to Mr. E. Steane Price.
In 1919, Javelin was on the Royal Yacht Squadron owned by Sir Duncan E. Hay and in 1920 by Mr. George A.H. Howard: by that time she was an auxiliary ketch rather than a ketch as first listed in Lloyds Register of Yachts of 1897.
In 1930, her owner was Mr. Mark Oliver.
In 1938, Mr. H. R. Sidebottom.
In 1948, Squadron Leader D. Taylor.
Her first owner, E.R.T. Croxall of Manor, Aldridge, was not a member of the Royal Yacht Squadron.
The 1897 Lloyds list his club as Royal Corinthian, Cruising Club, Royal Dorset, Oxford University Sailing Club (VC) that from 1898 adds Royal Portsmouth Corinthian and Royal Southern .”

In 1950, the boat moved to the Mediterranean and then we lost track of her. We only know that she was registered at the Real Clube Nautico of Barcelona but we do not know the name of her owner.
In the summer of 2002, her name was changed to “Javelin of Northam" and she was in a state of complete abandonment in the port of Soto Grande near Gibralta.
Mr. Herve’ Decker, in charge, for Spain and Marocco, of the Sailing Channel – the European satellite television station specialising in the world of sailing – saw her and fell in love with her.

Mr. Decker realised immediately that the boat was of immense interest and that her resurrection could be a great story to document and to present to enthusiasts.
It was, therefore, necessary to find a person who was capable of understanding her hidden value and who was prepared to finance the restoration.
After several months, Mr. Decker managed to contact an Italian entrepreneur, a fine sailor and a great enthusiast of vintage boats.
He immediately perceived the importance of Javelin and within a few months she was purchased and the decision was made, after careful evaluation, to undertake most of the restoration in Spain so the boat would be spared the stress of transportation by ship.

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Price: € 2,500,000.00